WATCH BUSINESS - you are already in the watch business and may be looking for:

  • SPECIALTIES: you might already have a line of watches and are looking for someone to supply you with some specialties like extreme diving watches (up to 750am) or gold ingot watches etc.
  • SWISS MADE ASSEMBLY: you might manufacture private label watches for third parties yourself and are looking for someone in Switzerland to provide you both movements and the assembly of your watches for them to be considered Swiss Made


You are already in the LUXURY GOODS BUSINESS (jewelry, eyeglasses, perfume etc.) and are considering moving into watches, too:

  • DIFFERENTIATION: a line of unique, distinctive watches as well as watch & jewelry sets bearing your own brand's DNA will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • DIVERSIFICATION: a line of bespoke watches bearing your brand name will create synergies, strengthen your brand as well improve your value chain and grow the existing profit pool

You are looking for exquisite GIFTS-WITH-PURCHASE for key buyers of your exquisite products.


  • Montres Charmex Ltd.
  • CH-4450 Sissach
  • Switzerland


  • Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.